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Renting out properties is a great way to turn a profit on large investments, but things can go wrong quickly when natural disasters and bad renters cause damage. Protect your properties with affordable landlord’s insurance.

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What is Landlord’s Insurance?

Landlord’s insurance protects you from financial loss associated with rental properties you own. Policies typically cover the entire building, as well as any interior property you own, such as washers, dryers, and furniture.

Our carriers can protect you from the following, as well as additional coverages:

  • Fire
  • Storm
  • Explosion
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Water damage
  • Malicious damage or theft by tenant
  • Liability in the case of harm or damage to tenant’s personal property

Protect Your Rental Properties

As a landlord, you’re leaving your property in the hands of strangers. It’s important to protect yourself and your investments from the unpredictable, whether you’re renting out one property or hundreds. Talk to one of our agents about getting the best coverage for your rental properties today.

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